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Captiol Hill Bound!

Whitney Robinson

Whitney Robinson

Thank you for visiting! This is the first year that I will be fundraising my way to Washington, D.C. for the Lung Cancer Alliance Summit. As many of you know, I have lost my mother and other family member to this awful disease. Cancer does not discriminate- it does not judge and it holds no mercy.

My goal is to keep my mother's voice alive and help others in the fight, and to educate the community that research is needed. Lung Cancer is no longer a "smoker's cancer". It could be someone like me- a parent whom was diagnosed before 50. A Military service member- like my husband or even environmental exposure.

Your support will help enhance science and research by providing insights about new treatments, provide annual Support to almost 1 million people touched by lung cancer and help facilitate the establishment of lung caner Early Detection Programs.

Please consider donating today.

- Whitney Robinson


raised of $1,200 goal

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1. Shawn Robinson
From the Robinson’s. On behalf of my Grandpa Joe Kennedy and my Aunt Brenda. I’m so proud of you! Love you! Go fight that fight!
2. Shane Duhon
Knock'em dead killer!!
3. Samantha Hinson
4. Hugo Rizzo
5. Hugo Rizzo
6. Tiffini Joseph
I’m so proud of you and can’t wait for us to storm the hill together ❤️❤️